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There are many ways to sell your antiques and collectables. Here is a guide on how each option works to help you make the best decision when selling your items.

Estate Sales

Estate sales are the best way to sell lots of items at once. Estate sales are generally used in the case of a death, downsizing to a small home, or any other scenario where a large number of items of various values need to be liquidated. People walk through the house and shop from cupboards, counters, closets, etc. They usually take place over several days and include the majority of a person’s belongings including furniture, home goods, antiques, and collectables.

Estate sales are a quick solution to selling a variety of items, no matter if they are collectable or particularly valuable. When hosting an estate sale, it is important to hire an appraisal expert and estate sale management company. They will run the sale and ensure that everything is priced fairly and that you get good value for your items. These companies generally charge a percentage of estate sale profit.

While Estate sales can be great in some cases, if you aren’t looking to sell an entire home’s worth of items, it is likely not worth it. Due to the costs of running sales, estate sale management companies will only host them if there are a high number of items having a significant total value. Otherwise, one of the next options is likely a better route.

If you are ever interested in visiting an estate sale, click here for a guide to having a successful trip.


Consignment allows a dealer to market and sell your items, for which you pay them a commission. Consignment is common in the antique and collectables market, as it provides an opportunity to get your items in front of the right audience, at proper market value.

Consignment can make selling antiques or collectables much easier. Antique dealers provide an online storefront, as well as research by an appraisal. Ultimately, consignment makes the process of selling your antiques and collectables much easier, while greatly increasing the likelihood of a sale that brings you the most value.

Consignment is a great choice if you have a small number of high value or highly sought-after items, including collections. Click here to find out more about putting your items up for consignment.


Auctions are another common way to sell antiques and collectables. They can be either online or in-person. Online auctions often use sites like eBay, where you create a listing and other users can bid on the item. The issue with sites like these is that they often have hefty fees and if you are selling the items yourself, you have to worry about packing and shipping the item as well. Online auctions are a good solution for niche items that have decent value, but may not draw lots of interest. Online auctions help to place your items in front of people worldwide who are looking for that exact thing. However, to successfully auction online, you need to have a good selling reputation and solid feedback as well as the knowledge and skill to take good photos and write a high-quality listing.

For in-person auctions, you can locate an auction company that will add your item to their auctions for a fee once they have been appraised. In-person auctions are a good choice when you have a large number of valuable items, such as a large collection of jewellery or art, or when you have one or more extremely valuable items that an auction house would be able to add to their next live auction. For most items, you will often need to work with an appraiser and have them contact the auction house.

If you are considering either an online or in-person auction, it is recommended that you first contact an appraisal expert for a free consultation. They will be able to help you determine the most effective way to sell your item, to ensure you receive top dollar!

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