Expert Appraisal

expert appraisalAlyssa R. Stevens, ISA, AM  provides expert appraisals for clients in a wide range of situations and needs. Accredited by the International Society of Appraisers, her in-depth estate sale knowledge and experience gives her the ability to accurately determine your items’ value and guide you through the process. Our personal property appraisal service includes estate tax settlements, divorce appraisals, division of personal property, and insurance coverage.

Expert Appraisal for a Wide Range Situations and Needs

ESTATE TAX: Required by the Internal Revenue Service and many states. If the total estate is over a certain value threshold (currently at $5 million), then everything needs to be appraised and valued as of the day of death. The IRS requires a room by room evaluation and inventory of the residential contents.

EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION ESTATE: To divide up items equally among the heirs. This may require an appraisal of the total contents or a specific list of items depending on the estate needs.

PROBATE: The probate court will require an inventory and expert appraisal of the estate personal property and assets.

DIVORCE: A personal property appraisal can assist with the equitable disbursement for the parties involved in the settlement.

TRUST INVENTORY: The majority of estates are part of an established trust. An inventory and appraisal establish the value of the property at the time it became the subject trust.

ESTATE PLANNING: Planning for the future of an estate or collection, an expert appraisal can provide a valuable tool so that the owners can plan in advance for the estate tax, distribution or donation. It can provide a peace of mind to the owners that treasured objects will be handled appropriately after they have gone.

We’re comprised of trusted professionals and, as an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers, Fruitcocktail Appraisals and Estate Sales is USPAP tested to guarantee we meet every requirement needed to help you accurately determine the value of your belongings.

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