Estate Sales

Hold a Successful, No-Hassle Estate Sale


  • Advertising to niche and general markets
  • Pricing research for your items
  • Planning, set-up, and sale management
  • Empty house services

Estate Sale Services in the Greater Seattle Area

Fruitcocktail Collectables offers full-service estate sale management to clients throughout the Puget Sound region. We can help you advertise, choose the best price for each item, set up, and run the sale.

Whether you need to appraise your beloved antiques or sell general household items, Fruitcocktail Collectables can help. We bring 25+ years of industry knowledge and expertise to your unique set of items.

Our Estate Sale Services


Appraisal and Pricing

We use our appraisal skills, years of experience, and industry knowledge. We set each item at the best price based on the used marketplace. Our goal is to help you sell the most items for the best price.

Experienced Advertising

We advertise your estate sale on social media, estate sale websites, and physical board signs in relevant places. In addition, we tap into our exclusive email list of 2,500+ estate sale shoppers.

Sale Date Planning

We find the best date to stage your sale based on the number of items in your inventory. In most cases, this is a Saturday, Sunday, or Friday. Saturday and Sunday are usually reserved for larger homes.

Professional Set-Up & Display

We provide banquet tables, lace tablecloths, locking velvet-lined jewelry display cases, display tables, and garment racks. We do this for every estate sale we manage at no cost to our clients. We use tags and pricing guns to clearly mark your items for buyers.

Full-Service Sale Management

We set up a cash register at your estate sale. Our company can accept all major credit cards, including American Express. We provide the latest technology for management, such as tap credit cards. We also provide security and helpers for each estate sale we manage.

Empty House Service

Didn’t sell everything you needed to get rid of at your estate sale? Fruitcocktail can help with donations and other services to deal with your unwanted items. We will help you empty out the house to prepare for the real estate market.

Services For High-End Items

Fruitcocktail Collectables also offers consignment services and online auctions for high-end items. As an eBay power seller, we’ve sold over 14,000 unique items grossing $1,000,000+ in sales to date. 

We’re connected with buyers from all around the world. Our team can reach out to our contacts to ensure you get the best prices for your high-end items.

Why Choose Fruitcocktail Collectables For Your Estate Sale?

  • 25+ years of experience
  • Accredited appraiser
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Competitive rates

Fruitcocktail Collectables has the expertise, customer base, and sales experience to help you sell your items for the highest reasonable price. We streamline the estate sale process for both sellers and buyers.

Our fees are very competitive within the estate sales market space. We charge a percentage of what we sell based on the job, with no extra fees. We are committed to honesty and integrity, so we include all costs in the percentage rate. 

Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation to get started. We can provide a free consultation in person, by photos, or over Zoom or FaceTime.

Friendly polite and very helpful folks. They were organized and explained how the process worked as I had no idea. The sale went well and pricing seemed appropriate.  I would hire them again.

Alice B.

We had a very successful estate sale through Fruitcocktail. We highly recommend them!

Susan B.

Get the Most For Your Items With a Successful Estate Sale