Estate Sales

We tailor our approach to meet your individual needs and bring nearly 20 years of providing high-quality estate sales services. Whether it’s pricing an entire household of beloved antiques and collectibles to appraising more general household items, we bring years of industry knowledge and expertise to every client’s unique situation.

Set-Up & Display – We provide banquet tables, lace tablecloths, locking velvet lined jewelry display cases, card tables, rolling coat racks and garment trees to every estate sale we manage at no cost to our clients.

Pricing – For every new home we come into, we bring years of industry knowledge and expertise along with a computer for research and pricing. Every item is individually priced and researched, after which we use tags and pricing guns to clearly mark your items for buyers. Our prices are competitive with what you would find in the used marketplace or what you find the item selling for online.

Estate Sales on the Most Lucrative Days

Sale Days– We determine the best day to stage your sale based on the amount items in your inventory – typically being a Saturday/Sunday or a Friday, with Saturday and Sunday reserved for larger homes. We set up a cash register and accept all major credit cards including American Express. We also provide security and helpers at each estate we manage, advertising them on Facebook,,, Craigslist, and on board signs throughout your neighborhood and other relevant places. In addition, Fruitcocktail taps into our exclusive email list of 1,500+ estate sales shoppers.

High-End Estate Sales Items- We offer consignment services on high-end items and can also sell them online, as we’re an eBay power seller – having sold over 14,000 unique items grossing a million+ in sales to date. We’re connected with buyers from all around the world and leverage our contacts to ensure you get the best prices for your high-end items.

Empty House Service- Fruitcocktail can also help with donations and emptying out the house in preparation for the real estate market.

Fees–  Our fees are very competitive within the estate sales market space. We charge a percentage of what we sell depending on the job. Outside of this percentage, we do not charge any additional fees, and all other costs are included in the percentage rate. This ties into our commitment to honesty and integrity in every client’s project that we take on.

Estate sales & Other Services