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Selling antiques and collectibles can be a lengthy process. From getting the items appraised, to finding a buyer, it can be a challenge. For many, consignment offers a simple solution, allowing you to use the knowledge of an expert to sell your item. But how does consignment work, and where can you go for expert consignment in Seattle?

What is Consignment?

Consignment is essentially giving your product to a dealer and paying them a commission to sell it. Consignment is a common occurrence in the antique and collectibles market, where dealers take products and sell them next to their own inventory. This removes the dealer’s upfront cost for the product and removes the risk for items they would hesitate to purchase outright.

Fruitcocktail offers consignment services that specially focus and feature your items and do not sell any inventory of their own. This is an advantage for you as the seller, as there are not other collectibles distracting buyers from your item. Additionally, they store the items for you while they are on the market.

For most people, consignment can make selling their antiques or collectibles much easier. By providing an online storefront, as well as sales staff, the dealer is making the process much easier and greatly increasing the likelihood of a quick sale.

How does consignment work?

A reputable dealer will provide a contract with the responsibilities and guarantees for each party, as well as an inventory of the items they are selling for you, the prices they are listed at, and a payment plan in the event of a sale.

Fruitcocktail sells consignment items in an online marketplace that exposes vintage and collectible items to international buyers, all over the world. This method offers the benefit of reaching a broad audience and ensuring that your item will not have to be returned, as it is sold to the highest bidder.

Consignment pros and cons


  • Sell items more easily, without having to worry about listing them online, meeting buyers, or shipping.
    Put your item in front of a larger pool of potential buyers with better visibility.
  • Benefit from the dealer’s experience selling similar items.
  • Dealers are incentivized to get the best possible price since they are making a percentage of the sale.
  • You can immediately pass the item along to the dealer, instead of keeping it yourself while trying to find a buyer.
  • Dealers may accept items for consignment that they otherwise wouldn’t purchase to resell themselves.
    Good dealers can leverage their networks to find a buyer for your item.

     Cons of Traditional Consignment Shops

  • Dealers will take a percentage of the sale. This can generally range from 30-50 percent.
  • Dealers aren’t always knowledgeable about the items they consign. This could result in not selling the item, or getting a considerable amount less than it is worth.
  • You have to trust the dealer to keep your item safe.

     Benefits of working with Fruitcocktail Collectables

  • Fruitcocktail takes 20- 50 percent commission, depending on the price of the item.
  • You don’t have to worry about your item not being sold, since Fruitcocktail sells items in an online marketplace. This method attracts buyers worldwide, ensuring a sale a top dollar.
  • Safety is not a concern, as Fruitcocktail stores items in a secure building with an alarm system.
  • Additionally, they are insurance, providing an extra layer of protection for you and your valuables.

Where to go for Consignments in Seattle

It is extremely important to work with a reputable dealer with a long history of fair deals, good service, and accurate appraisals. Working with a dealer knowledgeable in appraisal is very important, as the dealer’s ability to determine a fair price will help ensure you get what your item is really worth and don’t waste your time by asking too much.

At Fruitcocktail Collectables, we offer the best consignment services in Seattle. As appraisal experts, we work hard to find the real value of your items. We use multiple platforms and a wide network of customers to make sure your items have the best possible chance of selling.


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