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Selling items at estate sales in the Seattle area can prove to be very rewarding and profitable. However, certain items are much more likely to sell than others in today’s market.

By doing your research and knowing which items to put on sale this year, you can host a successful estate sale and sell your items quickly and at the right price.

Art From Listed Artists

People have been spending much more time within their homes in the post-pandemic era, which has driven them to focus more on the appearance of their space. Both home decor and art help a space feel more visually pleasing and enjoyable to be in. Many people are looking to add extra flair to their spaces.

Art will always be a popular item at estate sales, especially work from listed artists who have attained a certain amount of recognition and notoriety. Buyers are often excited to find notable art and may be more likely to stop by your estate sale if they know you are selling work they are interested in.

Buyers are often very willing to pay high prices for significant artists’ work. Make sure to label the art you are selling to ensure buyers know who the art was made by and when.

Northwest Art

Northwest art never ceases to be popular amongst collectors in the Seattle area. Often, locals tend to be drawn to art that reflects their identity or the history of their location.

Artwork from the Northwest School, an artistic movement that began in the 1930s and 40s, is especially popular within our community because of its rich history in the area. Works from artists such as Guy Anderson, Morris Graves, and Paul Horiuchi are a beloved feature in many homes.

Midcentury Modern Furniture

Midcentury modern furniture is having a moment in design magazines and on social media, making it an extremely popular estate sale buy. True midcentury modern furniture can be tough for buyers to find at the right price due to its high demand, so it often gets snapped up at estate sales. Selling this style of furniture is a promising endeavor, as the demand and price point are both high.


Fast fashion has taken over retail. With so much shopping being done on high traffic websites or at popular big businesses, buyers are often looking to find pieces that stand out. Finding jewelry at an estate sale rather than at an established shop or online store can provide buyers with the feeling that they have found something unique and special.

Before selling, ask your estate sale company or appraiser to test the jewelry and find out if it’s real gold, silver, designed by a well-known maker, or contains true gemstones. Your jewelry may be worth more than you think!

Old Toys

Old toys have always been a hot commodity for collectors and everyday shoppers. There is something undeniably iconic and nostalgic about an old toy that’s been well-loved, which is why these items can be an easy sell. Whether your buyer is a collector who is looking for the perfect piece to add to their collection or they simply loved toys like that when they were a child, old toys are always desirable.

Sterling Silver Flatware

Sterling silver flatware never goes out of style, nor does the price for solid silver items. For decades, sterling silver flatware has been a staple wedding and baby shower gift and continues to be collected by buyers everywhere. Vintage flatware continues to be popular as a collectors’ item or as a pretty addition to any dinner table.

Vintage Clothing

Over the years our society is steadily becoming more eco-conscious, which is why vintage clothing is becoming increasingly popular. By buying something that is vintage or second-hand, people are stepping away from the harmful supply chain and reducing the amount of raw materials that fast fashion businesses use when creating new garments.

Big business fast fashion often results in everyone wearing similar clothing. Buying vintage clothing can be a great way to stand out against the crowd and showcase unique pieces.

Coin Collections

Coin collecting is a classic and timeless American tradition. The price of coins can vary greatly and can prove to be very profitable when you have the right coin to sell. Many people who attend estate sales are there specifically to buy collectors’ items such as these. This type of following can often make specific coins an extremely successful sell.

Rare Collectables

Like coins, anything that is rare and often collected is perfect to sell at an estate sale. Buyers go to these sales to sort through old items and to find treasure.

Knowing which items you’re selling are of significant value is very important when conducting an estate sale. By not doing your research, you could accidentally sell something for far less than it is worth without even realizing it. If you’re not sure how valuable your collectibles are, you may want to talk to an appraiser.

Other Home Decor

It’s more than just art: home decor in general has become more desirable in the past year and a half simply because people have been spending more time at home due to the pandemic. Creating a homey and comfortable space is more important when you’re spending a large percentage of your time at home. Trendy home decor is hotter than ever and can prove to be a quick sell at an estate sale.

Let’s Get Started With Your Seattle Estate Sale!

Estate sales can be a great way to profit off of items that are no longer of use to you. Some items, such as collectors’ items, will continue to be widely popular for years to come, while others, such as midcentury modern furniture or vintage clothing from certain eras, may be more popular due to their trendiness. By knowing exactly which items are more likely to be sold, you can ensure that your estate sale will be a profitable and successful one.

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