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Looking to make some money while you clear the clutter out of your house? Consignment could be a great way to get rid of items you no longer need or want.

However, consignment companies are usually fairly selective about what they take. You can’t just drop off all the things you might otherwise unload at a donation center, even if they’re in good shape.

What Are Consignment Services?

Consignment services are an arrangement where a business, or consignee, agrees to sell items for the owner, or consignor. The consignee will usually agree to pay the consignor a percentage of the proceeds if the items sell.

Consignees are often online or in-person retail stores, but not always. They usually only accept certain types of items that are considered likely to sell based on current market trends. In many cases, consignees will limit the number of items a consignor can bring in at one time.

Even if your items seem like a good fit for consignment, they are not guaranteed to sell. Many consignees will either give unsold items back to the consignor or donate them to charity, in which case the consignor will not make a profit.

To learn more about how consignment works and whether it’s a good choice for your items, contact Fruitcocktail for a free consultation.

10 Things You Can Sell Through a Seattle Consignment

Seattle consignment
  • Designer Midcentury Modern Furniture. Unlike most older furniture, midcentury modern styles by known designers are extremely popular with millennials and other buyers at the moment. Many young-to-middle-aged adults are specifically looking for this furniture style and are willing to pay a significant sum for the right piece.
  • Jewelry. Well-made jewelry, including fine and vintage jewelry, gold, and silver, often sells easily through consignment. While the consignment company may be selective about which jewelry they will take, there’s a good chance you can make a profit off your old jewelry this way.
  • Sterling Silver. Sterling silver flatware is timelessly beautiful and practical. Sterling silver bowls, trays, tea sets, and other items are also popular. Since the pandemic began, buyers have become even more eager to purchase goods for their homes, so this is a great time to consign unwanted or unneeded silver. 
  • Coin Collections. Many people like to collect coins. If you have a coin collection you no longer want, consignment is a great way to pass on your collection to a more enthusiastic collector.
  • Vintage Clothing. Vintage clothing has become extremely popular. Many people are looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives to newly manufactured clothes. Buyers especially like well-made styles with designer labels. If you have unwanted clothing from the 1900s-1970s that is in good condition, you should seriously consider bringing it in for consignment.
  • Original Artwork. Original artwork, especially art by listed or local artists, is very much in demand. Buyers are looking to collect and decorate their homes with beautiful and valuable works of art.
  • Designer and Antique Items. High-quality antiques, especially those made by well-known designers, can often fetch a good price through consignment. A consignment company will know how to market your antique or designer items to an audience that understands their value and is willing to pay.
  • Vintage Toys. In our era of too much screen time, many parents and grandparents want to make sure their kids get a balanced childhood with plenty of quality offline playtime. Vintage toys bring back happy memories of older relatives’ childhoods and encourage today’s kids to develop imagination and creativity as they play. Metal cars, trains, windup toys with original boxes, and vintage toys from the 1970s or earlier are especially popular.
  • Vintage Cameras. For some photographers, digital cameras will never replicate the unique qualities of film. Vintage cameras by top makers such as Leica or Nikon allow for beautiful light anomalies such as colorful sun flares, dreamy haze, and other intentional or unintentional effects. Some people also love the challenge of using a camera that will not autocorrect for you.
  • Old Posters. Many people love to collect and display vintage posters, including some interior designers. Homeowners and renters alike often use old posters to create a unique focal point in a room, and businesses such as restaurants often create a special atmosphere using old posters related to their industry or brand.

5 Things Most Consignment Stores Won’t Take

Things Most Consignment Stores Won’t Take
  • Damaged Items. If your items are torn, broken, or otherwise damaged beyond minor wear, you probably won’t be able to sell them. Unless you can fix the problem yourself, you will most likely need to throw these items out.
  • Most Old Furniture. While midcentury modern furniture is quite valuable, most other types of used furniture are not. Furniture buyers today would usually rather stop by IKEA than spend money on heavy “brown” furniture, even if it’s in great condition and likely to last a while longer.
  • Rugs. Rugs are hard to get clean enough to sell, so many consignment companies won’t accept them unless they are antique or older and in great condition.
  • Old TVs, Computers, and Other Electronics. It doesn’t take long for technology to become outdated. No one wants to deal with slow older electronics that lack newer features and may be incompatible with updated apps. If your electronics are more than a few years old, they are unlikely to sell through consignment, no matter how well they still work.
  • Out-of-Date Technology, Health, and Travel Books. Like electronics, some types of books can become outdated very quickly. Technology and health trends can change dramatically every few years, so books on these subjects that are more than five years old are unlikely to sell. Travel books from before the pandemic are especially likely to have outdated information, as many previously successful hotels, restaurants, and destinations were affected by lockdowns and travel restrictions. However, not all old books are unpopular — antique books do sell.

Consignment in Seattle

Are you looking to sell collectible and valuable items in Seattle? Reach out to Fruitcocktail Collectables for consignment services in the Seattle area. We take art, silver, collections, jewelry, designer midcentury furniture, and more.

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