Last updated on July 6th, 2023 at 10:02 pm

Are you a record collector looking to part with some of your collection? Fortunately, vinyls have been having a renaissance over the past years, which means your old records now have a larger buyer base.

Before you sell, though, it is crucial to do your research. You need to ensure your record has value and can be sold at a good price.

Here is a list of what to know before selling your records:

1. Records in Great Condition are Worth the Most


A record’s condition is arguably the most important indicator of its value. The better the condition, the more money you can get for it. 

Physical damage such as knicks, scratches, and warping decreases the value, with unplayable records not being worth much at all. Condition ranges from Mint all the way to Poor, and the vinyls worth the most are the ones closest to pristine condition.

2. Rare Recordings are More Valuable

The rarity of a record can depend on a few different variables. It can stem from a record being a limited edition, a small printing, or a copy that was signed or numbered by hand. 

If the rare record is from a lesser-known artist, its worth will be dependent on the demand for it. The demand can change over time due to external factors such as the death of the artist or another artist making a cover of the song.

3. Record Age Matters, Sometimes


Generally, the age only matters if the record is in good condition. An older record in good condition is often more valuable than a newer one in the same condition, but an old record in poor condition is unlikely to be worth much. 

Early records from famous artists before they made it big are often the most valuable. These records have value from being both old and rare for the artist.

4. The Album Cover Can Affect the Price

Some album covers changed after the original printing. Original covers from first printings that later underwent changes or updates are more likely to add to a vinyl’s value.

Though an album cover in good condition can often increase a record’s value, that is not always the case. If the record is in bad condition, a pristine album cover will not necessarily make it worth more (unless the buyer is more interested in the cover than the vinyl itself.) 

How to Sell Records


There are several options for selling records. You can sell them at an auction, where the product goes to the highest bidder. You can also sell them through consignment. A consignment company will take care of all aspects of the selling process for you, normally for a percentage of the sale.

An alternative method is to sell your records to an antique shop, or a store that specializes in records. If you choose this option, be careful. Some antique shops and record shops will try to buy them for less than their worth, so make sure to do your research on the full value of your records.

Pro Tip: Get Your Records Appraised

We at Fruitcocktail Collectables advise our clients to get their valuable records appraised by an experienced professional. An appraiser will not only give you a written verification that your old vinyl record is authentic, but will ensure that you are able to sell it for what it’s worth. Appraisers can sometimes also help you get your record into the hands of someone who will be able to properly appreciate it.

There are many variables that determine the worth of a vinyl. Some records are more valuable than others, and an appraiser can help you find out what yours are worth. 

Want to know the worth of your record collection? Get an appraisal today.