Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 08:23 pm

Doing some spring cleaning? If you’re aiming to get rid of valuable collectibles, jewelry, or antique items, placing your items on consignment can be a great option. While there are many brick and mortar consignment options in the Seattle area, there are also many great online consignment opportunities.

So Which One Is Better?

Selling jewelry, antiques, and collectible items at brick and mortar stores can often be a lengthy process. With your items competing for attention from limited foot traffic, you are limited to only the potential buyers who come through the shop and see your item.

Online consignment sales provide a great avenue for getting your items sold quickly and hassle-free. If you’re considering selling your antiques and collectibles via consignment, here’s everything you need to know about online consignment sales.

Get Your Items in Front of a Broader Audience

While there are some local options for Seattle consignment, selling your options to a brick-and-mortar store can really limit your reach. By going online to sell your antiques and jewelry, you can broaden your potential customer base to a global scale. Having a wider reach increases your likelihood of making a sale, instead of only limiting you to the interests of your local market.

When preparing your items for online consignment sales, you need to find a high-quality consignment company to work with. They have the knowledge to appraise, list, and market your item to get the best possible price. Online consignment companies offer a higher chance of sale than trying to sell yourself, as they have years of experience, reviews, and have already built an audience.

Sell Your Items Faster

Since using online consignment services puts you in front of a larger audience, you are more likely to have your items purchased faster than they would in a brick-and-mortar store. Whether you are decluttering, selling items from an estate, or looking to make a return on your collectible or antique investment, having a shorter selling time is a huge plus, and this process is often expedited when choosing to sell through consignment online.

Simplify the Selling Process

Another huge benefit to selling collectibles, or antiques through online consignment is the wide variety of platforms available. When pursuing online consignment, you can list your items in various places to help expedite the selling process. At Fruitcocktail, we offer collectible consignment support services that best serve your needs, including assistance with listing and facilitating the online consignment process. We can help you get the best price for your antiques and items, making the selling process even easier for you.


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