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You know what they say — you can never have too much jewelry! Until you do.

Collecting jewelry can be a lifelong hobby, but what happens when you wind up with more than you’d like to hold onto? If you’ve found yourself with more jewelry than you know what to do with, it may be time to consider putting some of your pieces up for sale under auction consignment.

The two most important things to think about when considering selling estate jewelry under auction consignment are how the process works and which jewelry sells. We’ll walk you through the most popular styles, materials, and eras of jewelry and guide you through how auction consignment works.

Will My Jewelry Sell Under Jewelry Consignment?

jewelry consignmentJust because you have jewelry to sell doesn’t mean that someone will buy it. There are many factors that affect the value of each piece of jewelry you’re looking to sell.

At Fruitcocktail, we recommend selling jewelry under auction consignment if you have:

  • Estate jewelry
  • Collections
  • Fine jewelry such as gold or diamonds
  • Designer costume jewelry by select designers
  • Native American jewelry
  • Mexican jewelry styles
  • Chinese jewelry styles

As a rule, the better condition your pieces are in, the more likely they will sell. Otherwise, styles and eras affect the success of sales.

Popular Eras and Styles of Jewelry

From antique to vintage jewelry, many different styles and eras are hot commodities in the auction and consignment world.

Mid Century

The years after World War II were filled with celebrations of prosperity, which led to a desire for luxury. Characterized by the years between the 1940s and 1960s, the mid-century era emphasized diamonds plated on gold or platinum.

Retro (1935-1950)

The retro years, between 1935 and 1950, are characterized by bold and colorful designs, diamonds, and gemstones. Synthetic materials became common during this era, in part because precious metals were required for making ships and planes during the war.

Retro-era jewelry is often called cocktail jewelry because many of these pieces were bigger and bolder than anything made before. This need for synthetic materials meant most jewelry in the retro era was created with plastic, which added to the playfulness of this era.

Art Deco

Art Deco was popular between 1915 and 1935. This jewelry style often used geometric and abstract designs, sharp angles, enamel inlays, diamonds, and gems in contrasting bright colors.

Gemstones like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires became popular in this era. During this time, we also see diamonds placed together with stones that would not previously be worn together, such as jade, onyx, coral, and lapis.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau jewelry, which translates to “new art,” became popular in 1885-1915, taking inspiration from the Victorian era. This era celebrates elegant lines, curves, and decorative styles with romantic, delicate, and intricate elements.

Many designers were said to be influenced and inspired by nature, which is often reflected in Art Nouveau styles. Freshwater pearls, opal, and amber were popular materials.


Named for King Edward of England, the Edwardian period, between 1901-1915, showcased elegant and light jewelry designs.

Most styles celebrated femininity and used a lot of the color white, symbolizing sophistication and power. During this time, jewelers used diamonds, pearls, and platinum.


Jewelry created between 1837 and 1901 is considered part of the Victorian era, named after Queen Victoria, who reigned over Britain during this time.

This period lasted quite a while, so there was a lot of diversity in the styles over the years. The styles range from delicate and soft to intricate and bold. The designs and popular styles changed as Queen Victoria reigned.

When she was happily in love with Prince Albert, jewelry was often adorned with bows, hearts, and flower designs. However, jewelry reflected the Queen’s mourning period with deep shades and darker materials when the Prince died.

Other Factors That Affect the Value of Jewelry Under Jewelry Consignment

jewelry consignmentThe popular eras of jewelry mentioned above aren’t the only factors that play a part in making jewelry valuable when selling it under auction consignment.


The different materials used on each piece of jewelry will significantly affect its value. For example, a Mid-Century ring made of gold and an Art Deco ring made of platinum will sell at very different price points.

The most expensive metals used in jewelry are palladium, gold, silver, and platinum, while diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and opals are just some of the most luxurious gemstones used. The more precious the materials, the more you can sell your jewelry for.

Wear and Tear

The condition of your jewelry item will undoubtedly affect how much you can sell it for under auction consignment. The less wear and tear, the more likely it will sell at your desired price.

If items are damaged or beat up, they will likely be lower in value.

Current Trends and Audiences

When something becomes trendy or popular, it becomes more valuable. Therefore, attention to current trends and audiences can help you with jewelry sales.

At the moment, Fruitcocktail is seeing a lot of buyers interested in collections, fine jewelry such as gold or diamonds, some designer costume jewelry, Native American jewelry, Mexican styles, and Chinese styles.

Consider holding off on certain items if they are neither in excellent condition nor in style. There may be a better time to sell your jewelry under auction consignment in the future.

Ready to Sell Your Jewelry Under Jewelry Consignment?

jewelry consignmentYou may now be asking, where and how do I sell my jewelry under auction consignment? How do I get more information about my specific pieces?

If you’re not sure what your jewelry is worth, you may want to start by reaching out to a local appraisal expert or gemologist. Once you have all the information about each piece of jewelry, you can then decide whether or not now is the right time to go through with auction consignment.

If auction consignment seems like the right path for you, you’ll have your own personal sales expert in your corner who will know how, when, and where to market your jewelry to find the highest bidding consumer.

At Fruitcocktail Collectibles, we have expert accredited appraisers who can help you determine how much your jewelry is worth and if it will currently sell in the Seattle area. Our incredibly knowledgeable staff is here to help you learn more about your jewelry and find the person buyer. We also offer high-end auction consignment services for jewelry.

Set up a free consultation with us today to see how we can get your jewelry on the market!