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Estate sales are a great way to clear out a house. However, they are likely to be unsuccessful if you don’t have a thorough understanding of how they work and a professional assisting with the sale.

These practical tips will help you get as many sales as possible at a fair price point.

Consult With an Estate Sale Organizer

Before you start planning your estate sale, you should make sure your personal property warrants one. You don’t want to put all the time, money, and effort into a major sale only to find that none of the sale goers want to buy what you’re selling.

An estate sale agent has the expertise to tell if you have any hidden treasures on your hands. They can tell you what’s worth putting up for sale, help you bring in customers, and determine a reasonable price point. Most estate sale companies charge a percentage of the sale’s gross proceeds, meaning it’s in both of your best interests to make the sale succeed.

If you have extremely specialized property, it may be better suited to another sales method. For example, equipment for glass blowing might be very valuable, but only to a few rare people who make glassware. In these scenarios, an expert can help you find the best place to get the best price.

Allow Time to Set Up the House for the Estate Sale

There is a lot of work that must be done before an estate sale. You can’t just put up a generic sign, expect people to come, and then let anyone who shows up dig through a disorganized house — at least, not if you want to have a successful sale!

The estate sale company will usually start by taking photographs of all the property for sale. These photos create an inventory with photographic evidence, helping you keep track of every item that is to be sold. You should also keep track of any items you won’t be selling and set them apart from the for-sale items.

Photos will likely also be used in advertising. More people will come to your estate sale if they know what kind of property you’re selling. If you have any niche collections, you are more likely to get buyers if people who are searching for that niche come across your listing and see that you’re selling what they’re looking for.

Next, the company will need to stage the property. This involves cleaning, sorting, setting up tables, and displaying items in such a way that customers can easily move from room to room and see everything. Most estate sales companies divide up the inventory into categories, then keep different categories in different rooms.

As a minimum, you should allow a window of a month for the estate sales team to set up your home. An experienced team will usually take about five days to get everything ready, depending on the size of the estate, but they may not be available immediately.

Hiring a Seattle Estate Sale Company

Hiring a trusted estate sale company is key to holding a successful estate sale. By working with someone who has industry experience, you can make sure your property is sold for the best possible price in your time frame.

Fruitcocktail Collectables is an accredited appraisal and estate sale company in Seattle. Established in 1998, we bring a well-trained eye for design and a passion for uncovering lost treasures. As a member of the International Society of Appraisers, we guarantee we will meet every requirement to help you accurately determine the value of your belongings.

We understand that client needs vary and do our best to accommodate every unique situation. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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