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You’ve decided to make the big move to a smaller, more manageable living space. It’s finally time to clear out years of clutter and start downsizing, but you have a plethora of old furniture, clothing, jewelry, art, paintings and antiques lying around.

What to do with all of that family silver? Are the vintage dolls worth something? Is the painting that was handed down for generations a lost masterpiece? Should you have a yard sale, and possibly run the risk of selling a valuable antique collectable for a lower value?

Maybe it’s time to call in a professional.


Using an Estate Sale Seattle Company to Downsize

First things first. Weigh the pros and cons of downsizing on your own, versus turning to a professional:

  • Do you have a lot of stuff in the house?
  • Are the items a good mix of clothing, furnishings, antiques and collectables?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount and scope of downsizing?
  • Are you willing to have a third party take the reigns, and run an Estate Sale in your house?
  • Are you prepared to move out of your home?

If you answered “Yes, that sounds like me!” to these questions, you’re probably an excellent candidate for an Estate Sale.

Conversely, if the following are true, you may be able to handle the liquidation of your property by yourself:

  • You’re not prepared to leave your house completely.
  • You don’t have a huge amount of stuff, and feel comfortable selling or donating everything yourself.
  • The idea of having strangers roam through your house and go through your belongings is an uncomfortable notion to you.

Insider Tip: An alternative to both options may be by inquiring if the Estate Sale Company can arrange for consignment or buyout of your items, to help with the clearing out of your home and the preparation of your property for the real estate market.

A Knowledgeable Appraiser Can Assist a Seller with Getting Correct Values at Estate Sale

Estate Sale professionals come from all walks of life. Some are just regular folks who are good at organizing a sale and have a basic knowledge of secondhand merchandise. While others are accredited appraisers, with an educated background and well-trained eye for design and a passion for uncovering lost treasures.

So, someone with a solid appraisal background is always an asset when conducting an Estate Sale.

Getting the Most out of Free Consultation with Estate Sale Professional

A good Estate Sale Seattle Company will provide you with a free consultation/assessment. This session is a terrific way for both you and the company to get to know each other. The Estate Sale professional will ideally come to your house to look at what you have and give you their opinion of the viability of your having an Estate Sale.

Tip: Keep EVERYTHING for the consultation. You may think that old toys, records, tools, a pile of books, or old paintings should be donated or discarded. Think again. Many times these items are often popular, and can actually draw buyers to Estate Sales.

Your Estate Sale professional will also have an excellent grasp on the current market value of your objects and collectables, as they have vast knowledge and access to an abundance of the latest pricing resources.

Making Money from a Professional Estate Sale

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a reputable Estate Sale Seattle Company is their track record and invaluable connections within the collectables and antique marketplace.

A good company will have contact lists that include art and antique dealers, auction houses, collectors, and regular Estate Sale shoppers. These resources are unavailable to the average person and represent the most highly qualified and experienced buyers.

Estate Sale Companies Can Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

In the end, using a reputable Estate Sale Seattle Company will save you time, hassle and ensure that collectables and antiques receive a fair market value.

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