Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 08:26 pm

Hiring an estate sales agent? Important questions to ask before having your estate sale. Fruitcocktail Appraisals & Estate Sales’ answers to frequently asked questions.

How many days will it take to set up an estate sale?

It usually takes approximately two weeks to organize an entire household of items containing antiques and collectibles. In rare cases, it can take longer.

What is your commission?

Our commission ranges from 20% to 50%. Cost depends upon the number of items, their quality and value, and the amount of time for Estate Sale set-up. We are a boutique company that tailors each contract to meet your individual needs.

Are there fees aside from Fruitcocktail’s commission?

We charge no extra fees other than our mutually agreed-upon commission. We do not charge set-up fees. We take care of all additional expenses required to conduct an estate sale, such as credit card processing fees, advertising, staffing, signs, pricing tape, security and anything else needed.

Estate SaleDo you have insurance?

Yes! Fruitcocktail carries several types of insurance including liability.

How long after the sale will I be paid?

We distribute either a check or cashier’s the next Monday after the Estate Sale.

Do you have an appraiser on staff or access to one?

Alyssa R. Stevens, ISA, AM is an appraiser accredited by the International Society of Appraisers and is well respected within the industry.

What is your field of expertise? Antiques, art, furniture, etc?

Fruitcocktail has been in been in business for twenty years. We specialize in antiques, collectibles, and art. Alyssa R. Stevens, the owner, has a degree from Cornish College of the Arts and has extensive knowledge of art history.

How many people do you generally have to staff a sale like mine?

We bring enough staff for your situation, usually between two to four people.

How will my home be left? Cleaned, empty, etc?

Fruitcocktail will handle the removal of your remaining items. We can arrange for junk haulers, cleaners, movers, or anything else needed to get your home ready for sale or rental.

Do you have a store?

We no longer have an antique store. We are only in the business of Estate Sales and Appraisals.

Do you have a contract? Can I have a copy to look over?

Yes, Fruitcocktail Collectables, LLC has a contract that can be emailed to you, an executor, or an attorney for review.

Estate SaleDo you pre-sell or allow people early entry?

We do not allow any pre-entry to our estate sales.

Do you charge sales tax?

It is required by Washington State to charge sales tax. We take care of, charge, and pay for sales tax.

Do you have any sales coming up that I could visit to see how your sales are conducted?

Yes! Check out our Facebook page or webpage to see any upcoming sales.

How many days will the sale itself take?

The estate sale will be held Saturday and Sunday, sometimes we do extra days with higher-end or a larger number of items.

When would you be able to do the estate sale?

Fruitcocktail Collectables can make arrangements to meet your needs regarding the best days and times for your estate sale.