Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 08:25 pm

From choosing to downsize your home as you move on to a new phase in life, to cleaning out a home after the passing of a loved one, estate liquidation can be a daunting process. Working with an experienced estate sale company can not only streamline the process but bring you peace of mind. Here are some things to consider when considering an estate sale:

Evaluate the Items You Want to Liquidate  

Regardless of if you are planning to liquidate an entire estate or just the basement, it is important to understand what you have before you sell it. When you contact a professional estate sale company they will ask about the types of items that you have for sale.  Additionally, this is a great time to note any collections or big-ticket items that could potentially be interesting to dealers or collectors.

Protip! Don’t throw anything out before the estate sale. You never know what has value. After the sale is complete, you can review the remaining items and determine if you plan to donate or toss anything. Learn more about how to hold a successful estate sale.

Consider Your Real Estate Timeline

Liquidating an estate is a process that takes planning and time. Consider your timeline, to include anything pressing, like the sale of the home or relocation timeline. This will help you plan and set the date for the sale. Share your timeline with the estate sale company and they will advise accordingly.

Promotion of an Estate Sale is More than Good Signage

Estate LiquidationSomething to consider when determining if you want to liquidate an estate yourself or partner with an estate liquidation profession is the amount of time, effort, and connections that it takes to promote an estate sell well. The items that you have for sale play a key role. If the liquidation includes collections or big-ticket items, such as artwork, collectible antiques, or high-end furniture, then it is advantageous to work with an estate professional to ensure you get top dollar.

Estate liquidation professionals not only offer expertise in valuing items and sale organization, but they also bring connections to a network of collectors, dealers, online forums, and auction houses and are able to help sell your most valuable items to the right buyer, for top dollar.

Detach from Items for Sale and Remind Yourself of the Purpose of Liquidation

It is important to assess the items prior to liquidation to determine what you plan to keep and what you are comfortable parting with. Once you make this decision, it is important to continually remind yourself throughout the liquidation process of the desired end result, to liquidate.

If you are going through the liquidation process with relatives or a partner, it is important to check in with each other prior to the sale to ensure that you are on the same page. Going into the liquidation process with the same mindset as everyone involved is a key to success!

Consult a Professional Estate Liquidation Company  

Research all of your options, including working with a professional, licensed, insured, estate liquidation company. Researching your options and doing a consultation can help ensure that you have all of your bases covered in terms of planning, organization, and execution. There should be no fee associated with getting a consultation. The professional should ask you questions regarding your plans with the house and any timelines associated with the sale, how many items you have, and what type of items you have.

After answering some questions detailing the estate liquidation, the professional will be able to provide you with further information to help you make the right choices on how to best liquidate the estate and get the most for your items.

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