Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 08:25 pm

Estate appraisal planning isn’t necessarily one of the most fun responsibilities, however, having current estate plans ultimately helps to streamline processes later in life. Although an attorney can help to guide you through the planning process, it is important to hire a certified, expert estate appraiser to ensure that everything is valued properly.

Support the Estate Appraisal Planning Process

Estate Appraisers play a key role in assisting the attorney in evaluating personal property during the estate planning process. Ensuring that proper value is allocated to everything helps to plan for the future and maximize tax benefits.

Assess the Appraised Value of an Asset or Collection

Estate AppraisalEven if you aren’t planning on making any changes to your estate plans over the years, it can be beneficial to bring in an estate appraiser to provide benchmark assessments of personal property or collections. This will allow you to track the rise or decline in your item’s values over the team, helping to inform future decisions around sales.

Maximize Tax Benefits of an Estate Appraisal

Planning to downsize from a house to a condo or maybe you’re donating items from Grandpa’s basement to charity? Tax deductions are based on the fair market value of items, rather than the amount that they were originally purchased for. An estate appraisal expert can help you place a value on all items to ensure you receive the maximum return, even if they are going to be donated.

Honor Estate Plans After a Death

Estate AppraisalMaking decisions after losing a loved one is never easy. Having an estate appraisal can help streamline the execution of the estate plans of the deceased. Whether you are splitting the estate among beneficiaries and need to ensure proper estate tax appraisal or assessing the value of possessions inside the home for future sale, an estate appraisal expert can help make the process easier. By getting an estate appraisal from an accredited appraisal expert, you are tapping a market knowledge base that is not available via a Google search. An appraisal expert will not only ensure that proper values are documented for all belongings but they may even discover some unexpected value that would have been missed otherwise!

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