Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 08:25 pm

Although there are a plethora of antique and consignment stores in the Greater Seattle Area, if you are seeking appraisal services for antiques or an entire estate, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and do your research. Consulting the clerk at an antique or consignment shop doesn’t guarantee that you will receive expert or even professional advice. By seeking out and working with an accredited appraisal company, you will ensure that you are not only receiving the best value for your items but also unbiased, current information relevant to the Seattle market.

Here are some tips on how to find an accredited appraisal expert in Seattle:

Seek Out an Accredited Seattle Appraiser

Upon starting your online research, look for appraisal companies that list their accreditation affiliation on their website. A common name to look for is The International Society of Appraisers (ISA). The ISA is the largest of the professional personal property appraisal associations representing the most highly trained and rigorously tested independent appraisers in the United States and Canada.

In addition to accreditation, it’s important that the appraisal expert is licensed in the state of Washington, bonded, and insured. If these qualifications are not listed on the website, make a call and ask. Fruitcocktail Collectables Appraisal Expert, Alyssa Stevens, meets and exceeds all of the above qualifications.

Get an Appraisal Consultation

Most professional appraisal companies offer an initial consultation. This should be at no cost to you. This consultation is not only an opportunity for you to ask any questions but also a chance for the expert to review your item(s) and/or estate and determine their best recommendation for next steps. Both in-person and phone consultations are common. However, in the case of a phone consultation, it can be helpful if you are able to email the appraisal expert photos of any antique or collectible items that you wish to discuss.

Avoid Conflict of Interest

When seeking an appraisal of a valuable item, it’s imperative that the person doing the appraisal does not have a conflict of interest associated with the item. For example, if you take the item into an antique shop and ask the owner to value the item, you are trusting that individual’s moral standard to not provide a low ball value and offer to purchase, so that they can make money on the item themselves. Conversely, if you go through an accredited appraisal expert, they are bound by a code of ethics, ensure that they provide you with an accurate and fair market value for the item. Additionally, the Seattle appraiser will be able to help you determine when, where and to whom you can sell the item to, in order to get the best value.

Regardless of if you have one piece of antique furniture or an estate full of collectibles, using a professional appraisal service will provide you peace of mind that you are getting the best value for your items. Along with credibility and ethical standards, accredited appraisal companies also offer resources and a network of connections, to ensure that your items are appraised and sold for the proper amount. If you have any questions regarding professional appraisal services, contact Fruitcocktail Collectables.